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The self-shooting director and co-producer of Spank the Banker is SAMIR MEHANOVIC. Among other awards, Samir was nominated for a UK BAFTA in 2017. He received the Grand Prix Award at the 22nd International Short Film Festival in Drama, in Greece 2016 for Mouth of Hell, and IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam) 2015 Special Jury Award for The Fog of Srebrenica. Samir also won BAFTA Scotland award for the short film The Way We Played.

Self-shooting Director & Co-producer



The writer and co-producer is GEORGE KEREVAN, who as MP and served on the UK Treasury Select Committee and chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Business Banking, which co-ordinated the campaign for redress for small businesses scammed by the big banks. George is a documentary film maker in his own right who has made films for the Discovery and History channels in the United States. His film on the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein was shown on Channel 5.

Writer and Co-producer


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